About us

Providing Capable, Experienced Seamen for Your Shipping Business

Seleznev & Co, LLC in Odessa, Ukraine is your source for skilled, experienced shipping personnel. For more than 25 years we have been a leader in supplying the seafarers for a wide range of shipping companies.
Here in the Ukraine we have a long tradition with shipping. There are generations of seamen who carry forward a proud history of quality in this important industry. With our decades supplying the right individuals, we have extensive roots in the region with the ability to provide a wide range of skilled individuals in the numbers you need.

OUR MISSION: “We connect shipowners with seamen. With pleasure.”

OUR VISION: “Pedantry, attention to details and self-improvement. Cost-effective, long-term and fruitful partnership. To popularize sea lifestyle.”

Nationally Licensed

Seleznev & Co, LLC is expert at recruiting seamen for ship owners. We are certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and MLC. We are authorized under a national license of the Labor and Social Politic Ministry of Ukraine and operate to very high standards under national and international law. Since beginning way back in 1993, we have grown to provide highly capable, experienced crews on dry and general cargo ships, tankers, LPG carriers, container ships, passenger ships and specialized ships. Our seamen have high competence in in-demand areas. They speak good English and adhere to our strict drug and alcohol policy.

Outstanding Personnel Ready to Serve

The personnel we supply are highly motivated. They are hardworking, take charge individuals who get the job done right and on time. Ships who use Seleznev & Co, LLC seamen are able to enjoy smoother operations, more productivity, and better outcomes. No wonder so many shipping companies from all over the world insist on doing business with Seleznev & Co, LLC.
All our selected candidates are fully compliant with STCW with competent skills and good references. They have the experience to enter any situation and quickly adapt to your methods and philosophies.
We also have a big base of cadets currently studying in the Odessa National Maritime Academy and three Marine Colleges. These many young seafarers are a steady and plentiful source of high quality, well trained young personnel. They are the fresh talent you need to man your ships for pleasing results.